Ariga Torosian, a fashion designer of Iranian-Armenian origins, proposes collections of net cuts played off white and black, strongly inspired by graphic design and architecture.

A mix of modernity and tradition is the inspiration for the brand founded in 2013.

Ariga Torosian, CEO/Designer, +374 55 222294

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Founded in 2007, FAINA brand is one of the most known brands in Armenia. Everything started with a desire to contribute and share the vision in the fashion segment with making high-quality content; to tell the story of women’s feelings and beauty.

She creates comfortable, sensual, elegant clothes for women adding some flashy details. Each item is both simple and elegant for women with different tastes, who like to dress not only for fashion, but to express their personal character.

Faina Harutyunyan, CEO/Designer, +374 91 050908

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Founded in 2005 by Arevik Simonyan, Kivera brand has its signature style that emphasizes on feminine, elegant, luxurious and bold designs that never gets old.

The brand’s DNA symbolizes elegance, noble classics and femininity. Masterful handiwork and an impressive portfolio are the characteristics that Kivera Naynomis is known for. Along with a group of talented designers and skilled tailors, Kivera Naynomis is currently leading as one of the best deluxe apparel manufacturers in the Armenian market.

Arevik Simonyan, CEO/Designer, +374 55 900055

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LOOM Weaving is an Armenian knitwear brand founded in 2014.

Each item is a unique handmade piece created by mixing Armenian embroidery with modern style and as a result receiving cozy and cute, bold and bright, ultra-fashionable and fabulous products. LOOM uses national shapes, distinctive knitting techniques and color combinations.

LOOM was established with the mission to revive handmade techniques and build a new route for Armenian knitwear production to design, develop, weave and above all create.

Inga Mnaukyan, CEO/Designer, +374 91 793377

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Made-vel-e is a social enterprise, located in Dilijan Tavush region, where the youth migrate to Yerevan for a brighter future and the non-tech savvy older generation are left behind, waiting for guidance and an opportunity to grow.

In rural Armenia, jobs are scarce and inhabitants’ abilities are limited. The goal is to create inclusive and self-sufficient communities. This is achieved by implementing the 1 Region = 1 Product program, where one unique product for each region is established. The program focuses on capacity building and empowerment of unemployed adults with the aim to start/restart their vocations and careers, by teaching artisanal skills.

Natacha Kalfayan, CEO/Designer, +374 96 555145

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Fascinated by today’s modern art and design, Nelly unites postmodern roots of fashion with classics. The message behind the Nelly Serobyan collections is to make the modern woman’s life more convenient, confident, and attractive.

Nelly launched her eponymous label in 2014 after graduating from the Armenian Academy of Fine Arts and the Slava Zaitsev fashion house in Moscow. She likes to combine with classical elements to form trendy, casual or formal looks for women with a high sense of creativity.

Nelly Serobyan, CEO/Designer, +374 95 422282

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RUZANE fashion brand was founded in 2013 by designer Ruzanna Vardanyan. Her clothing is sophisticated and feminine, yet always comfortable and casual.

The RUZANĒ brand is classic and fashionable, but most importantly it offers comfortable clothing that emphasizes your originality and exclusivity. The designer is inspired by the transparent beauty that can be seen everywhere, particularly in nature, interior, and art – transparent beauty that is next to you and ever present.

Ruzanna Vardanyan, CEO/Designer, +374 94 213137

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SONCESS Founded by Sona Hakobyan, Soncess is driven by a free-spirited nature and the desire to stand out.

The idea of “freedom” guides the designer through the entire creative process, allowing her to combine materials that may seem clashing or mismatched at first glance. Sona blends simple high quality materials with impressive colorful details, this serves as the basis of her brand’s original identity. The collections consist of cool and laid-back fashionable outfits that can easily be transformed into unique evening wear by pairing different pieces from the collection.

Sona Sahakyan, CEO/Designer, +374 93 100303

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Emotional, elegant, classy, confident and comfortable this is Teress, in love with turning the everyday “what to wear?” struggle into an enjoyable experience of both being yourself and keeping up with fashion.

The brand is working in 4 directions to provide a large variety of choices: the mainline of the brand, basic for daily elegance independent of trends, evening for very special occasions and 25° by Teress comfort line for casual but engaging appearance.

Tereza Gharabaghtsyan, CEO/Designer, +374 94 444077

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Vahan Khachatryan founded his eponymous brand in 2013 after repatriating to Armenia from Italy.

The brand is committed to producing exclusive clothing of highest quality and unique design. Huge attention is paid to every detail on every piece, and lots of handwork is employed to achieve the perfection and uniqueness in each dress. So far, the brand has been producing couture and bridal clothing as well as occasional ready-to-wear collections.

Vahan Khachatryan, CEO/Designer, +374 91 999449

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The aim of the TEXTILE ALLIANCES project is to develop a common strategy between Greece and Armenia, focusing on the improvement and expansion of the services the two Business Support Organisations offer to their members, in order to be able to make them more competitive in the ever-changing business climate.

During the 4 months of project implementation, two major study visits will be organized, one in Athens and one in Yerevan, with the aim to generating new business opportunities and to creating a strategic partnership between the 2 countries, offering to at least 20 SMEs a holistic support towards internationalization. That means that during the Study Visits and the on-line communication, the companies will be able to collect information about each other countries, such as: financial data, marketing, legislation, import / export, labelling requirements, technical specs, etc. All these will enable the SMEs to be able to identify business opportunities.

At the same time, two services will be developed:


All fashion companies prepare their future collections based on specific fashion trends. Currently, there exist a few service companies e.g. WGSN, Carlin International, Fashion Snoops, and others, offering such services on-line. The cost for subscribing to such services is well-above 10K euro per year, making it impossible for an SME or an individual designer to subscribe. The objective of TEXTILE ALLIANCES is to develop a service targeted to SMEs and designers, providing up-to-date fashion forecasting services and training / consulting.


At exhibitions the factories and commercial companies specialized in clothing and textile display their products.

The goal of this on-line initiative is to decrease the costs, which is necessary to exhibit at a traditional clothing and textile exhibition for example: flight tickets, hotels reservations, transportation, etc. and to increase the potential matchmaking opportunities and therefore the increase of export opportunities in the textile sector. This initiative could really help to increase exports, decrease export promotion cost, and get to know the need of international markets better and matchmaking platform.

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